We are looking for strong, confident, encouraging women who want to invest in our campers.  If you are passionate about helping young women rise up and know their self-worth,  WE WANT YOU!


Even if you cannot commit to being a full-time counselor, THAT'S OK! We need a wide range of talented women to help with other jobs.  Click here to see a full list!


So, if interested in helping in any capacity; please fill out our volunteer application

below and we will get back to you shortly!


Role of the Counselor



- Must be 21 or older

- Fill out and submit a counselor application

- Provide 3 references

- Participate in a phone or in-person Interview 

- Clear a background check

- Attend the Counselor Training



The role of a STRONGER BRAVER camp counselor is to act as a leader and role model.  We are looking for women who have a strong desire to invest in our campers self-esteem and really get to know them. We want our counselors to provide healthy support and positive supervision. You do not need to "Counsel" but instead be there as a listening ear and let our campers guide their own camp experience. Our goal is to provide campers with a fun and rewarding experience while they learn how to deal with their own life's difficulties. 


Counselors will need to participate in all camp programs and events which will include sleeping in the dorms and eating meals with the campers.  There will be opportunities to lead games and participate in fun activities like paint night. Overall as a counselor; you will be living with campers 24-hours a day and supervising dorms at night time. 



Counselors will be given staff shirts the morning of camp. We encourage you to wear the camp shirt throughout the duration of camp. Other appropriate clothes will be outdoor wear that is modest and comfortable. Sneakers are a must for camp activities. Be sure to bring extra clothes in case they get dirty during camp.  We will provide a recommended packing list in your final approval packet.



Our goal is to build strong bonds between camper and counselor. The most successful way to do this is to have our counselors be committed to a full camp session. For this reason, we are not able to have counselors attend only partial days. With that said; we ask that each camp counselor commits to staying 2 nights 8:00am Friday - 3:30pm Sunday.


In addition, each counselor will be required to attend a training the Friday morning @ 8:00 am before camp begins. After camp is over on Sunday there will be a debrief @ 2:00 pm for staff. If counselors are driving from long distances; you will be allowed to stay in the dorms the previous Thursday night or following Sunday night for convenience.  Please request this on your application if needed.

Volunteer Application

So, you think you are a good fit and are ready to make a real impact? 

The next step is to fill out the application below.  We will look over your submission and contact you shortly. Thank you for being willing to make a difference!

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